Action Circuits R&D

Research & Development

In the fast paced world of electronics and technology, we continually invest in the latest programming and handling equipment to keep up with the latest devices and ever decreasing package sizes. We work closely with the equipment manufacturers to produce custom modules and new automated handling systems to increase productivity, quality and efficiency.

As an IC programming company, our production processes carry out in line verification and testing at the start and the end of the process, together with yield tally counts to ensure every part is correctly processed. Components are inspected and pass through multiple processes without human intervention to ensure the mechanical and electrical integrity of the devices is maintained.

We work closely with our suppliers to innovate and create new software systems which trace all parts and keep black box files for every batch processed. In this way we can offer full traceability on all parts.

Here at Action Circuits we are committed to making significant investment in development of programming algorithms to support the latest devices. Our engineering team work closely with our suppliers to develop systems fit for high volume production. Our serialization capabilities are the most flexible on the market, supporting device tracking to complex security needs. Whatever your requirement we have the capability to develop new processes and software to ensure error free execution of these demanding processes.

Investment in a technical team with the ability to research and develop new machines, software and processes has kept us at the forefront of capability and efficiency. There is always a focus on the production environment using control plans and fault mode analysis to ensure your parts are subject to maximum protection.

Outsourcing of your IC programming and device reeling requirements will give you access to many years of experience and the most robust processing systems available. Please contact us for more information on how we can tailor our services to suit your requirements.