Device Programming


Device Programming

Action Circuits are probably the largest provider in the European device programming service industry. We are continually investing in the latest hardware to give the highest levels of throughput to cope with the ever demanding requirements of the latest technology devices.

In today’s complex and ever changing world of electronics manufacturing, the highest quality standards must be maintained to properly program devices. Our many years of experience and IATF 16949 approved quality standards ensure that every chip or component that you send to Action Circuits for device programming will have been processed and handled to the highest quality standards. Our Strict ESD standards will protect your devices from static damage. All of the chip settings are confirmed by our first article agreement.

All devices are programmed on a range of hardware using silicon manufacturer approved algorithms. Action Circuits can offer an unrivalled level of service, matching your requirements with the correct hardware.

For example, we concurrently run over 40 different programming stations for microchip device programming, including BP1600, BP1710, BP2200, BP2500, BP2600, BP2610, BP2800, BP2900, BP3800, BP4500, BP4600, BP4610, BP4700, BP4710, BP4800, BP4810 and BP4910 fine pitch automated programmers, which can handle virtually all programmable devices available today. Devices are fed from automatic tray stackers, or vibrating tube feeders. The handling system uses state of the art vision centering to ensure correct placement. Once programmed and verified, devices are laser marked and placed back into tubes or trays in one operation.

With the latest algorithms and most up to date hardware we can program 1Gbit (128 Mega Byte) of NAND Flash, Smart Media, MMC, MMC+,SD, DiskOnChip, TransFlash, Compact Flash and other Muli-Chip packages in less than 10 seconds on our multisite systems. We can also offer high volume throughput on some of the slowest programming parts, due to our investment in the latest device programming sockets and automated programming machines.

Whether your requirements are for programming prototype quantities, small production or programming volume production quantities, Action Circuits can offer unrivaled levels of quality and throughput for any type of programmable device on the market today.

If you are looking for a company who can burn software into chips, it may seem a simple process, however it is essential that you choose a company with up-to-date algorithms, a high level of ESD protection, and handling procedures to ensure your parts do not get damaged during the process. There are many device types and file formats for the data to be programmed into the devices. There are always new formats like the Actel APA devices with the STAPL file format. PIC devices range from the PIC16C54 and PIC12C508 through to the PIC12F PIC16F84 PIC16LF dsPIC and rfPIC family devices. TI have a large range of TMS430 devices which we can program in large volume batches, but we still retain support for the TIBPAL devices. We offer full support for the National COP range of microcontrollers. Spansion NAND flash and NOR flash are fully supported. With technology continually moving forward, there is is constant demand for investment with new devices package styles requiring new socket modules, or multiple socket modules for volume programming.

We only program devices using the latest approved algorithms using BP Microsystems, DATA I/O, Quicklogic Deskfab & System General, MQP pinmaster 48, Lloyd L9000, MPLab PM3, Promate II, NEC PG-FP4, Dataman-48 PRO2, Hi-Lo All 100 automated handler

Whatever programmable devices that you need to get programmed, we can offer a service second to none. Simply send us the program via email with the settings required, and once we have received your devices, we will process your requirements. We use a first article agreement process to ensure samples are approved by you. With more complex options and security settings for many devices, it is essential that you can rely on us to program your memory or microcontrollers with the correct settings every time.

If you are looking to outsource IC programming, Action Circuits are ready to offer you an electronic component device programming service to match your needs. Please contact our sales team via the contact page with your enquiry.

In May 2003 Action Circuits were approved as the only independent device programming centre for Xilinx in the UK.

  • Capacity to program over 7million devices per month.
  • 24hr service 7 days a week.
  • Same day service available.
  • Approved storage and handling location for many device vendors including Motorola, Texas Instruments, Quicklogic and Infineon.
  • The only Approved European handling centre for Altera QFP’s.
  • European factory programming centre for Quicklogic.
  • All devices are handled in a static controlled and humidity / temperature controlled environment.