About Action Circuits

About Us

Action Circuits (UK) Ltd was formed in 1987, and has been specialising in offering outsourced microchip programming services and tape & reeling services for electronic components since 1990. We are one of the largest IC programming service providers in Europe and in a very strong position to continue to service the requirements of the electronics industry.

We have a policy of recruiting and employing a high caliber of staff throughout the company. We believe that our commitment to keeping a well motivated, and highly skilled team is the key to our ability in offering unrivaled customer service.

All of our staff are not only trained in the technical and quality aspects of the services that we offer, but are also aware of the time constraints that most orders are subject to.

This gives us the opportunity to offer a very fast turnaround on all orders, at no extra cost and with no compromise to quality.

Action Circuits device programming center also offers component taping services and component laser marking services with certification to ISO9001:2015.

In addition to microchip programming services, we can repackage almost any type of electronic component into a reel form, known as the tape and reeling of SMD parts. We also offer laser marking onto electronic components, repackaging of parts from any media, transferring the parts automatically from tube to reel, stick to reel or tray to reel.

We also hold approvals from the majority of Silicon Manufacturers, large OEMs, automotive and contract assembly services in the UK and worldwide for our automotive approved microchip programming and reeling service.

With a strong financial base, we are in a position to develop partnerships with our customers and make the relevant investments, which will place both companies in a confident position to commit to any new business in the future.

If you have a requirement to outsource your IC programming, we can offer an electronic component programming service tailored to suit your needs. In addition, outsourcing your tape and reeling requirements is made simple with Action Circuits. We can take all of your loose SMD components and tail end reeled components and load onto new reels. Please fill in the questionnaire which will be e-mailed directly to our sales team, or call them directly on +44 (0)1582 412323.

If you are looking for a professional approach, from a company who are always looking to offer the service levels that you require, then contact Action Circuits now. We are sure that you will receive a turnaround and quality of chip programming service that exceeds your expectations.