Component Testing

Component testing

Action Circuits offer a comprehensive electronic component testing service for Semiconductor devices.

There is an increasing demand for obsolete and hard to locate semiconductor devices, which are too often not fit for purpose when located. 
This has given rise to a requirement to qualify these parts before use. We use the latest Abi Sentry counterfeit IC detector to test the functionality of your devices. At Action Circuits we can ensure these devices are genuine parts, eliminating forgeries, damaged parts and reconditioned parts which are all too often offered onto the grey market as original unused stock.

Counterfeit devices are becoming ever more prevalent and are now facing the electronics industry with a major challenge. There are many forms including an empty package, incorrect die in a package where the original marking have been ablated and remarked to a very high standard. Obsolete devices are also being recycled by removing from scrap board assemblies in uncontrolled conditions, resulting in static damage and heat damage to the sensitive die within. Many unscrupulous dealers will then attempt to sell these parts with potentially catastrophic failures for the end user. By using our service we can offer you peace of mind that the devices are functionally correct and offer an insight into the history of the device.

We have access to records of the original manufacturing dates of devices and many times a device is marked by the counterfeiter with a more recent date code that does not match the original manufacturing dates!

Action Circuits offer a chip testing service, which will run a functional loop test on most digital devices, to verify their functionality. For programmable parts, we can blank check devices, write a test pattern to the devices, and test the erase function. For large quantities, these parts can be automatically processed on our automated handlers.

Component marking and solderability can be tested and certified. Our electronic component testing service is offered to distributors, dealers, OEMs, Contract manufacturers and end users.

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