Waffle Tray recycling

Waffle Tray recycling

Action Circuits offer a comprehensive waffle tray recycling program for all clean antistatic waffle trays and Jedec IC baking and shipping trays. These trays are used for the safe packaging and shipping of semiconductor devices and usually end up in landfill sites once the parts have been used. If you have a problem in disposing of your used component storage waffle trays then just send them to us! For small quantities then just pack in the parcel with your goods being sent to us for processing. For bigger quantities then we are very happy to arrange collection, either by the box or pallet. Just call our sales line on 01582 412323 or email sales@actioncircuits.com to make arrangements for collection.

Disposing of antistatic materials and used electronic packaging materials in an environmentally friendly way.
By using our waffle tray recycling services for all your plastic component trays and ESD electronic packaging materials you are gaining on two counts. Firstly by reducing your landfill waste, which has the dual effect of reducing your carbon footprint which in turn reduces your site waste disposal and removal costs.

Action Circuits are driven by a customer orientated focus to supply solutions in the management of your scrap materials through various recycling methods. Many of the trays that we receive are sorted, cleaned, inspected and then sent back to the manufacturers on the other side of the world. We can also respond to any request, and supply trays to end users from our vast stocks.

The following trays can be recycled:

  • BGA
  • CBGA
  • CFP
  • CQFP
  • CSP
  • FBGA
  • FQFP
  • LCC
  • LFP
  • LQFP
  • MLF
  • MQFP
  • PBGA
  • QFN
  • PGA
  • PLCC
  • PQFP
  • QFP
  • SOIC
  • SSOP
  • SVFP
  • TBGA
  • TQFP
  • TSOP