Static Shielding and Moisture Barrier Bags

ESD bags and packaging

ESD bags and packaging provide protection against electro static discharge, or ESD for short. Our ESD bags are suitable for packaging any products which are sensitive to static damage. We can supply a range of sizes to meet your specific requirements.
Features of Static Shield bags:

  • Semi-transparent for content identification without opening the bag
  • Quality construction using four layer protection
  • Available with open top or ziplock
  • Product conforms to EIA625, EIA541 and ANSI/ESD S-20.20

Moisture barrier bags provide protection against ESD and are constructed in such a way to give the added protection against humidity. It is essential to ensure surface mounted components are processed and stored in a controlled environment. After processing the devices may need baking / drying before being packed ready for storage and shipping. Our moisture barrier bags are available in three layer or four layer construction.
Features of Moisture Barrier bags:

  • Designed to be vacuum and heat sealed.
  • EMI shielding confirms to industry standards
  • Available in material thicknesses of 3.6Mil, 4.4Mil and 6.1Mil
  • Metalized finish giving protection against moisture ingress and ESD.

Humidity Indicator cards (HIC’s) are required to be inserted into the moisture barrier bag with your contents to provide a reliable indicator at the time of use that the contents have been safely stored and shipped. The indicator spots change colour when exposed to moisture and give a true indication of the humidity level within the sealed package.

  • Available as one spot, three spot, four spot and six spot.
  • Large quantities always available from stock.

Desiccant is required to be placed inside the moisture barrier bag to provide a method of absorbing any excess moisture from the air left in the bag once sealed. Available in various sizes and material types as below:-

  • Silica Gel Bags
  • Molecular Sieve Bags
  • Activated Clay Bags
  • Available in unit sizes 1U, 2U, 4U, 8U, 16U, 32U

Action Circuits hold large stocks of a wide range of ESD bags and packaging. All of our Anti-static electronic packaging supplies EPS are available from stock. If you are interested to learn more, contact us here.

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