Labelling and Marking of Devices

Device labelling and marking

Action Circuits offers the service of labelling & marking of devices, with the choice of laser marking, ink marking or labelling.

Laser Marking
We offer laser marking using CO2 and Nd-YAG laser systems. Devices can be either laser marked in line using the latest technology shuttle handling system integrated into our automatic handlers, or on standalone systems at a rate of 15,000 devices/hr. Laser marking can incorporate any size font together with any graphics required.

Our Laser marking service is certified to TS16949 and we can mark any text or graphics onto your electronic devices. Laser marking onto plastic package is carried out using laser marking systems specifically designed for electronic device marking. Our systems operate at the optimum power and frequency to give a high quality result.
We can Laser mark onto PLCC packages, laser mark SOIC packages, laser mark QFP packages, laser mark BGA devices indeed any package type currently available.
Our marking service is not restricted to electronic components. If you have a requirement then please contact us, and we will be pleased to mark a sample for your approval.
If you are looking for a laser marking service for electronic components, then please contact our sales team via the links on our contact page.

Labels are generated using industry standard thermal printing systems. Labelling can incorporate any size font together with company logo, or copyright information. Labels are printed on heat resistant Kapton, White polyester or paper labels to your specification.

Ink Marking
Small devices e.g. SO8, SO14 package styles which are too small to accommodate a label, can either be laser marked or paint marked. Paint marking is achieved using an automated applicator, to ensure that a consistent quality can be achieved in position and size of the mark.

Bar Coding

All product is shipped with bar coded labels on reels, bags, and cartons to your specification.

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