If you have a requirement to remove devices from tape, or re-package into a useable reel, Action Circuits can offer you a solution.

We can convert loose components into ESD tubes or matrix trays or indeed onto a new carrier tape supplied on a 13” reel ready to place on your component feeder for assembly.

With a variety of methods at our disposal, putting components onto a reel or into trays is a straightforward process. We can take components that have been cut into small strips of tape or part used reels and repackage them back onto a reel with the correct lead in and lead out for the feeders on your pick and place automated assembly machine.

Automated handling offers a high quality solution, ensuring pins are not contaminated or damaged during the process. Repackaging chips from tube to tape, tray to reel or reel to tray can all be carried out as an automated process.

Action Circuits are the only independent approved Altera handling centre for QFP devices in Europe. We have the capability to repackage from tape to tray, tube or back to tape with no loss of quality in component mechanical specification. All handling is carried out in our strict ESD protected environment, to ensure no physical or electrical damage to devices.

Action Circuits are also a supplier of antistatic tubes and waffle trays ensuring that your de-reeled components are re-packaged without delay into the correct ESD packaging to avoid any possible shipping or handling damage. Once the electronic devices have been repackage they are then vacuum packed if required to safeguard the parts in shipping and storage.

All of these service that we offer are available to the end user or electronic component distrubutors who require a partner to support their VAS – value added services programs.

Action Circuits were traditionally know as a programming house however more recently as a component reeling house offering a diverse range of services including de-reeling, marking and electronic component testing services.

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