Waffle Tray Services

Waffle Tray services

Action Circuits are a waffle tray stockist, supplying a vast range of New and Reprocessed waffle trays.

Our waffle tray services allow you to recycle your used or excess JEDEC style plastic IC matrix shipping and baking trays saving you money in waste costs and avoiding them ending up in landfill sites.

All trays are sorted, cleaned and inspected for damage before being placed into stock. Some trays will be available for sale, however most of the volume will be sent for regrinding into material to make new trays.

If you are looking for a recycling solution for your plastic ESD shipping trays then please contact us via email or pone to discuss your specific requirements and volumes.

We can offer a collection service to meet your needs and a quick and easy solution to reduce your carbon footprint and clear some of that clutter from your production area or warehouse.

Please note that most chip waffle trays are Jedec standard waffle trays, however some are manufacturer specific. It will be useful to know the type of trays that you have before we can arrange to collect.

Please email sales@actioncircuits.com to discuss your specific requirements.

Available trays:

  • BGA
  • CBGA
  • CFP
  • CQFP
  • CSP
  • FBGA
  • FQFP
  • LCC
  • LFP
  • LQFP
  • MLF
  • MQFP
  • PBGA
  • QFN
  • PGA
  • PLCC
  • PQFP
  • QFP
  • SOIC
  • SSOP
  • SVFP
  • TBGA
  • TQFP
  • TSOP