Action Circuits- Applications


Programmed devices are now part of our everyday lives; from tumble driers to trains, airliners to air conditioning. Our clients exist almost everywhere, in every market and in every industry sector. Not surprisingly therefore we have built strong links with organisations renowned for their demanding levels of service and quality.

In the Automotive industry, where our microchip programming services are key in providing value added services used in the production of car airbags, braking systems and even Formula1 cars.

In the aerospace industry, where reliability, and confidence in that reliability, are key; And in the semiconductor supply chain where our level of service has allowed us to build relationships unique within this competitive market.

The applications for semiconductor devices that we program and reel, and the scope of those applications increases daily. Meeting these increasing demands makes demands upon our own organisation.

Demand in investment, in training and in sheer business imagination. They are the challenges which as in the past, we are committed to meeting in the future.


The sectors we have worked in include:

In fact wherever there are electronics, Action Circuits can help.